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Brand Ambassadors

Subway - Introducing the SubSquad


Change perceptions of Subway®, increasing its relevance with younger audiences to drive sales. Increase connection between the brand and an audience craving healthier lunches. Show that Subway are culturally relevant and connected to the interests/platforms of the target audience, using a ‘squad’ of influencers and a year long partnership with YouTube


We assembled and activated the ‘SubSquad’, a team of popular influencers - lead by Subway superfan and long-term influencer ambassador Arron Crascall. These influencers were set creative challenges and the resulting content was shared on YouTube over the course of the year.


Assets included the main Influencer activation, 5 x 3-5 minute social films plus supporting social assets

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4% influencer content ER and spike in brand affinity, measured through a tracking survey.

Our work was independently evaluated as being more effective than McDonalds, who enjoy far bigger budgets.

Plus... over 20m views on YouTube

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