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The Influencer Marketing Specialists

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We deliver influential ideas with impact

At Good Influence, we deliver influential ideas with impact. Working with creators to develop content which communicates unique, powerful and personal stories that engage audiences and deliver tangible results.


This shift from brand to creator led content dominance is creating a rapidly changing media landscape. It is less about brands convincing consumers and more about brands creating distinctive and engaging experiences that consumers want to seek out, learn more, and participate in themselves.


Good Influence is the specialist influencer marketing division of Good Relations.

Our Services


Transformative Campaigns

A fully integrated influencer led campaign that increases brand exposure, builds authority, connects with new audiences and achieves actionable and measurable marketing goals.

Brand Ambassador Programs


We build meaningful long-term relationships between brands and influencers, ensuring your message is not only consumed, but remembered and acted upon. We drive growth and authority among your key audiences.


Creator Collaborations

We partner brands with content creators and harness both their influence and imagination for tailor-made conversion-led campaigns. Projects can range from activation and content series through to supporting ATL programmes.


Community Gifting

Combining creativity, social insights and performance data, we create custom influencer networks to help distribute key products and amplify your brand across platforms, cutting through the noise.

The Work

The Team

Tom Sneddon, Director

Tom’s experience includes a wide range of UK and International clients including Celebrity Cruises, Sodastream, Nespresso, Guardian Media Group and Heineken Global Brands. He led the launch of TikTok across Europe delivering a series of hugely inventive and award winning “creator first” campaigns, working with talent like Idris Elba, Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello. 


With 15 years of experience across social and influencer marketing, Tom is regularly invited to support marketing awards juries, including Influencer Marketing Awards and MENA Digital. He is also a passionate advocate for BLOOM and recently joined the Influencer Marketing Trade Body, helping push for the greatest possible industry standards.

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